Injured Bats


It is not uncommon to find a poorly looking bat on the ground during the summer.  Sometimes it has just become grounded during bad weather and may need a helping hand to become airborne again.  Often, however, the bat is ill, injured, or immature and needs to go to a Bat Carer.


If you do find a grounded bat, carefully pick it up using gloves or a towel to avoid being bitten.  Put the bat in a shoe box or a similar container with a close-fitting lid.  Bats are very good at escaping, even through very small holes.  You can put a shallow container with water – a milk bottle top or jam jar lid is ideal-  and piece of cloth or a piece of folded  kitchen towel gives the bats somewhere to hide.


If the bat is active and there is no obvious sign of injury, you can see if the bat will fly away.  Do this by taking the box outside at dusk, remove the lid and place the box on its side on a wide ledge, flat roof or similar.  It is important that this is done in the area where the bat was found, and only if the weather is fine, and please make sure that no cats are lurking around.  If the bat has not flown within an hour or two it will need to go to a bat carer.


Please note that some species of bat have been known to carry a rabies virus.  Therefore it is important to wear gloves or use a cloth to handle bats to avoid being scratched or bitten


To find a bat carer or just obtain some general advice, please use the link below to access the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) website and further the contact number for the National Bat Helpline.