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Focus Item: Archie's Office

This delightful construction is currently used as an office – but is also home to over 400 soprano pipistrelle bats (Pipistrellus pygmeus).  These are our smallest and most common bats, but because they like to roost in houses they are often evicted – hopefully under licence – and therefore need safe places in which to roost.


The owner has been happily using the office, but over the years the number of bats has increased.  The bats not only access the loft from the outside, but they can get into the office to fly, and they leave a bit of a mess on the office equipment and paperwork.  Although bats and their droppings are not a health hazard, the smell is a bit strong, and the droppings are not what you want all over an office.  We have, therefore, encouraged the owner to move his office to another building.


The bat group is able to help towards the cost of the move, which involves moving electrics, phone, computer etc. and insulating and painting the new building.  We will also help to maintain the existing bat roost so that the pipistrelles can continue to use it undisturbed.


If you love bats and feel that this is a good cause, we would love to hear from you, and, of course, donations are very welcome


First bat care case of the season, a common pipistrelle which was found grounded in the Dupont factory today.

A little dehydrated and very hungry he will be fed for a day or two then released. He has already done some laps of my kitchen so appears to be uninjured and has certainly perked up after a good drink and some mealworms.

With the prolonged cold weather we have had recently bats have had to remain in torpor a bit longer than they normally would so are pretty much running on empty at the minute. They will be weak and easily exhausted if they can't find enough food or water and may land on the ground and be unable to get back up.

If you find a grounded bat please call the Bat Conservation Trust helpline on 0345 1300 228.

They will give appropriate advice and provide the number of the closest bat carer to your location. Messages to this page will be answered but not necessarily straight away so we would always recommend contacting the Bat Conservation Trust helpline in the first instance.
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Hi everyone, apologies for the long hibernation of the page 😔 but as the bats are waking up from their hibernation (saw my first one when out walking the dog tonight) I think a post is long overdue.

For those that are new to the page, welcome and to those that have been with us for a while thank you for hanging around.

Over the next few days i will update you with some information on upcoming events and also advice and contact details on what to do if you come across a grounded bat.

I will also try and post some facts about these amazing little animals, particularly the species that are found in Dumfries and Galloway.

Just to get everyone warmed up would anyone like to guess what percentage of British mammal species are BATS? Bonus points if you can give us the number of species resident in the UK.....

And any guesses as to what species this is?
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7 months ago

Dumfries and Galloway Bat Group

Absolutely stunning bat footage!Amazing footage of a brown long-eared bat roost filmed with an HD infra-red camera! Click below to see it ... See MoreSee Less

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